National Coalition of 100 Black Women Northwest Georgia Chapter 2011 Induction Ceremony

May 22, 2011


On May 22, 2011, I was inducted into the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Northwest Georgia Chapter.  It is such an honor to become a member of such a distinguished group of African American women!  The National Coalition of 100 Black Women prides itself on providing leadership to and fostering positive change within the community.  With programming centered in five areas–arts and culture, economic development, education, health and public policy–the 100 Black Women addresses a wide range of issues to make a significant impact within the communities that it serves.

Our speaker for the induction ceremony this year was Bemetra L. Simmons.  Throughout her address Ms. Simmons discussed the need for strong, passionate black women who are dedicated to service.  She argued that organizations such as the 100 Black Women need to get involved immediately in the community and in a meaningful way.  More importantly,  Ms. Simmons argued, community servants must have passion, stating that “One person with passion is greater than forty people with interest.”

I agree with Ms. Simmons.  There is a critical need for passionate and committed servant leaders in the community, particularly women.  When we evaluate the history of African American and Latino women, we realize that individual women and women’s organizations have made a tremendous impact on our communities and our nation.  Where would America be had it not been for the Black Women’s Club Movement?  Where would America be had it not been for the Women’s Auxiliaries of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)?  The work of African American and Latina women in community uplift, education, political empowerment, labor, social change, and civil rights has been the foundation for the social and economic progress of the African American and Latino communities.  Who are some of the African American and Latino women and women’s organizations who have made an impact on your life, community and nation?  I look forward to hearing from you and celebrating these women and their work.

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