About the Empowerment Zone

The Empowerment Zone podcast focuses on the empowerment of the African American and  Latinx communities. We explore all aspects of empowerment—economic, political, educational. The podcast champions racial and social justice, promotes health, social responsibility, strategic philanthropy,  civic engagement, leadership and service. We celebrate our people, organizations, institutions.

Because you are shining your Light in the world, we am delighted to feature you.

The main questions that we will explore are below. Of course, other questions may arise from our conversation.


African American and Latino/a Empowerment

  • Tell us about you and your background. What is your professional evolution? Which path did lead you to your current work?
  • Tell us about your organization/business—history, founding and evolution.
  • What problem/challenge are you and your organization addressing? Feel free to quote research,  studies, statistics, and books. How does this work relate to current events/issues?
  • How and why is your work/organization valuable to the African American/Latinx communities?
  • Do you work with or have you worked with any African American/Latinx leaders, organizations or institutions? What have been the results—challenges and successes?
  • This podcast focuses on solutions. What can our audience do to advance the issue/cause that you address? Please provide a Call to Action (CTA). Be concise with specific actions.

Social Responsibility (strategic philanthropy, institution building, leadership, service)

  • How do you contribute to and advance the growth and development of our communities?
  • What would you like to see the Black/Brown communities do more of in the area of social responsibility?

Higher Education – Strategies for College Success (separate interview, 2-3 min)

  • What institution(s) did you attend?
  • What one piece of advice do you have for students pursuing higher education?
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