Kalirah Strategies is a boutique community outreach and engagement firm that helps clients to realize their visions in enriching and impacting communities.  We serve as the community outreach and engagement arm for socially conscious enterprises and individuals.  Specifically, we help our clients to reach, serve and impact diverse communities by managing and executing their community outreach and engagement projects.

We understand that transforming a vision into reality requires a steadfast commitment, an effective strategy, a comprehensive process, and purposeful resolve. Collaborating with a team of highly skilled professionals with a myriad of expertise, we strategically and effectively design, manage and execute projects for visionaries seeking to make a social impact.

Through our exceptional abilities to implement a project from concept to execution and to connect these projects to the public in a meaningful way, we position and enhance our client’s brand in the community.

About Us

Our Story

Kaliráh Strategies is a team of purposeful and dedicated professionals who are passionate about using our knowledge, skills and talents to make a positive impact on people, organizations and communities.

Ramona Houston, Principal, created Kaliráh Strategies as a result of her work in project management and community relations. She saw the need for professionals who have expertise in project management/execution as well as a keen understanding of diversity, that could implement the visions of philanthropists, organizations and businesses who seek to reach, serve and impact diverse communities.

Ramona created the word Kaliráh to represent her professional work and purpose. Kali is the Hindu goddess with many arms. Ra is the Egyptian god of the sun. RAH, which has the same pronunciation as Ra, is the acronym for Ramona’s full name. With the words combined, Kaliráh is the business with many arms that brings light into the world. Kalirah Strategies is a division of Kaliráh, Inc.

Our Purpose

We of Kaliráh Strategies seek to be agents of change and serve as creative conduits for visionaries who seek to make a social impact. Our desire to make a positive impact on people, organizations and communities throughout our nation and world inspires our work.

We also experience great joy and fulfillment in the creative process. Our passion for and expertise in logistics, planning and organizing, and implementation makes our work fulfilling and fun.

Ultimately, our intense desire to impact communities combined with our keen ability to transform visions into reality empower us to be premier champions of community engagement.

Our Leadership

As the leading strategist, Ramona Houston, Ph.D., PMP, is passionate about helping businesses, organizations and individuals make an impact on their communities. As a scholar, Project Management Professional (PMP) and community advocate, she combines her multiple interests and areas of expertise in her work as a community outreach and engagement strategist. With over twenty years of experience in project management and working with diverse communities, she has planned and executed a variety of projects, programs, initiatives and events for government entities, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. Her accomplishments include planning and coordinating civic and educational programs, conferences, festivals, foreign missions, special events, and fundraisers, just to name a few.

Our Expertise

What We Do

We are strategic enablers—conduits—that assists visionaries in designing and implementing their inspired ideas.

We serve as the community outreach and engagement arm for philanthropists, organizations and businesses who embrace social responsibility. Our proven ability to strategically and effectively design, manage and execute projects that seek to make a social impact empower us to be champions of community engagement.

We effectively manage small and large as well as local, national and international projects.

We understand the intricacies involved in manifesting visions. Our services are designed to provide visionaries a means to implement their inspired ideas. We skillfully execute projects by offering a suite of services and collaborating with a team of highly skilled, results-oriented professionals with backgrounds in business, government, academia and nonprofit management.

Ultimately, we strive to expand the capacity, influence and impact of our clients. Through our comprehensive framework we construct customized solutions and execute tailored strategies that position our clients to secure the leading edge in community engagement.

Our Practice Areas

Although we serve a wide range of clients from various sectors and backgrounds, we manage and execute projects, programs, initiatives and events primarily in three practice areas:


Our Specialty

We specialize in implementing projects focused on diverse communities. We provide an integrated suite of strategically effective, culturally sound and socially valuable solutions to advance our clients’ goals in community engagement.

One of our unique abilities is brokering, managing and enhancing relationships with and between the African American and Latino communities for a variety of initiatives. We are a “one-stop shop” for philanthropists, organizations and businesses seeking to enhance connectedness to these two important constituents.

Our unique ability to effectively design, manage and execute strategic collaborations with and between diverse communities sets us apart. Because our professionals understand the complex dynamics of managing diversity, we are able to guide our clients through the challenging task of building and developing collaborative projects. Ultimately, our clients benefit from our relationships, expertise and experience.

Our Experience

Whether it is connecting corporations to communities, producing initiatives for government agencies, managing campaigns for nonprofits, administering philanthropic enterprises for individuals and businesses, or developing educational and civic programs and events, we have provided comprehensive strategies for our clients to reach their goals in community engagement.

Our Value / Our Services

Our Value

Why us?


Shrewd and purposeful, we carefully design plans and skillfully use processes to achieve desired outcomes.


Meticulous and thorough, we understand that small details make a big difference.


Focused and intentional, we are diligent in our efforts to deliver results.

Our Services

  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Community Relations, Outreach and Engagement
  • Program Development
  • Event Strategy, Development and Management
  • Strategic Positioning and Relationship Development
  • Organizational Strategy and Development
  • Fundraising and Resource Development
  • Coalition Building and Strategic Alliances
  • Strategic Communications and Media Relations

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