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Community Engagement Strategist

Thought leader in African American and Latino history and relations, champion for higher education

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Community engagement consulting firm that assists clients in achieving their social mission

The Houston Sisters

Ramona Houston, Ph.D., PMP
& Rhesa Houston, DVM

Teaching women and girls a holistic approach to living healthy, prosperous and fulfilling lives

Recent activity

Top 10 Takeaways from the American Historical Association Annual Meeting 2016

Last month I attended the American Historical Association (AHA) Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, January 7-10, 2016. This year’s meeting was an absolutely spectacular event! With over 13,000 members the AHA is the largest professional organization devoted to the study and promotion of history and historical thinking in the United States. A massive event, the […]

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Cam Newton, Cultural Difference, and the NFL—the “No Fun League”

 “People don’t dance no mo.” – Goodie Mob Super Bowl 50 weekend is here! The game promises to be a memorable one—the Denver Broncos vs. the Carolina Panthers, the “Sheriff” vs. “Superman.” Yet, despite all of the excitement, this historical moment has been unnecessarily tarnished due to the criticism directed at Carolina’s quarterback Cam Newton. Specifically, sports […]

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Presidential Debate 2016 News

The Top Ten Takeaways from the First Democratic Presidential Debate

Unlike the previous two Republican presidential debates, last night’s Democratic presidential debate was actually a civilized and informative political discourse.  Instead of personally attacking each other and discussing a lot of irrelevant topics, the Democratic candidates actually discussed the numerous challenges facing our country and world.  In fact, the candidates covered the gamut:  the economy, […]

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Ramona Houston, Ph.D., PMP, has a multifaceted career as a scholar,
educator and community engagement strategist.

Through her publications and presentations on African American and Latino history and relations and on strategies for college success, Ramona enlightens, inspires and empowers. Skilled and effective in strategic planning and execution, Ramona is also principal of Kaliráh Strategies, a community engagement consulting firm that assists clients in achieving their social mission.

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