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Scholar / Educator /
Community Engagement Strategist

Thought leader in African American and Latino history and relations, champion for higher education

Kaliráh Strategies

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Community engagement consulting firm that assists clients in achieving their social mission

The Houston Sisters

Ramona Houston, Ph.D., PMP
& Rhesa Houston, DVM

Teaching women and girls a holistic approach to living healthy, prosperous and fulfilling lives

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Top 10 Takeaways from the RNC 2016: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Republican National Committee wrapped up its biggest event last week, having convened in Cleveland, Ohio, July 18-21, 2016. As I had imaged as well as predicted in my previous post, the Republican National Convention was “unlike any other that I have ever seen…unpredictable and full of unanticipated surprises.” Interestingly, there exists no one word […]

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Cleveland: The Circus is Coming to Town!

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! Cleveland, the circus is coming to town! “The Trump Vanity Circus” has finally made it to Cleveland, and it promises to be well worth the wait! The show is going to be full of delightful entertainment with its highly anticipated attractions along with the unpredictable surprises that always appear […]

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TRUMPENSTEIN: The Origins of the Monster Republicans Created

It is abundantly clear. The Republican Party has created a monster. They have “trumped up” a real life monster, one more terrifying and menacing than any that has appeared in frightening horror films or our wildest childhood imaginations: Trumpenstein! Who and what is Trumpenstein? Trumpenstein is a man-made creation, invented by shameful segments of the […]

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Ramona Houston, Ph.D., PMP, has a multifaceted career as a scholar,
educator and community engagement strategist.

Through her publications and presentations on African American and Latino history and relations and on strategies for college success, Ramona enlightens, inspires and empowers. Skilled and effective in strategic planning and execution, Ramona is also principal of Kaliráh Strategies, a community engagement consulting firm that assists clients in achieving their social mission.

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